Canada Visa For Indians

Canada is situated in the northern part of America and the second-largest country in the world area wise bordering the United States has plenty of visitors every year from different parts of the world. Canada is famous for its culture, diversity, national parks, and historical sites.

Canada has 20 world heritage sites with some famous sightseeings which attract tourists every year. Most of the Tourism takes place in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Calgary Rockies, Ottawa, and Okanagan Valley.

Different types of Canada Visa for Indians

Purpose of visit is always different for people when they visit another country and based on that Canada Immigration has divided visa categories as follows :

Canada Tourist Visa: The most popular visa category for Indians who intend to visit Canada as a tourist/visitor or meeting their family & friends in Canada wherein the visit is of a shorter period maximum being 6 months. This visa is known as a Temporary Resident Visa and for submission of the documents, you need to follow Canada Visitor Visa Checklist.

CAN+ Visa: CAN+ Visa is also known as a temporary resident visa but Indian citizens can apply for CAN+ visas when they have a valid USA visa covering their stay in Canada.

Canada Business Visa: Indians planning to visit Canada for business purposes which include attending business meetings, conferences, and seminars in Canada needs to apply for a business visa and you can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each arrival in Canada. It falls under the category of a temporary resident visa.

Canada Transit Visa: People transiting through Canada while visiting the third country and transit period in Canada is less than 48hrs you need a transit visa and if your transit time is more than 48 hrs then you need to apply for a visitor visa or temporary resident visa. 

Canada Student Visa:  Indian Students planning to complete further studies in Canada need to apply for Canada Student Visa. If the study period is less than 6 months you will be granted a temporary resident visa and for a study period of more than 6 months, you can either be granted temporary resident visa or eTA that depends on the passport.

Canada Work Visa: Indians citizens planning to work in Canada needs to apply for the work permit and that is divided into 2 categories. An open work permit allows the employee to work for any employer in Canada except for ineligible listed employers and employer-specific work permits wherein the employee will be working for a specific employer mentioned in the visa.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa: Indian citizens who do not a PR card and intend to settle down in Canada need to apply for the permanent resident visa which will be of a single entry and you have to apply for PR once you enter Canada.

Documents required for Canada Tourist Visa

Mandatory Documents

  • Original Passport (2 blank pages)
  • 2 Photographs
  • Appointment letter
  • Visa Form IMM-5257e
  • Visa Form IMM – 5707e
  • Cover letter
  • Attested Bank Statement of 6 months with sufficient balance
  • Income Tax Returns for 3 years
  • Any other financial documents
  • Travel Itinerary (if applicable)
  • Hotel Accommodation (if applicable)

Salaried Applicants

  • Offer/Appointment letter
  • Leave Letter/NOC
  • Salary Slips for 3 months

Self-Employed Applicants

  • Cover Letter on company letterhead
  • Business registration papers
  • Attested current account bank statement for 6 months
  • Income Tax Returns of Company in case of Partnership firm or Private limited company

Sponsored Applicants

  • Sponsorship letter from the sponsor
  • Sponsor’s government ID proof
  • Sponsor’s Employment Papers
  • Sponsor’s Income Tax Returns for 3 years

Student Applicants

  • School/College ID card
  • Bonafide Certificate (if applicable)
  • Current Academic year’s fee receipt (if applicable)

Retired Applicants

  • Retirement letter
  • Pension slips
  • Any other financial documents including property papers if any

Invited Applicants

  • Invitation letter
  • Inviter’s Passport Copy
  • Inviter’s PR card or Visa copy
  • Inviter’s Residence Proof
  • Inviter’s Employment Proof (if applicable)
  • Inviter’s Tax Papers (if applicable)

Documents required for CAN+ applicants

  • Original Passport (2 blank pages)
  • 2 Photographs
  • Appointment letter
  • US Visa copy
  • Cover Letter
  • Visa Form – IMM 5257e
  • Visa Form – IMM 5707e

Above-listed documents are Canada tourist visa requirements and consulate may ask for additional documents as it varies case to case.

Canada Tourist Visa Fees

Visa Type


Consulate Fee

Biometrics Fee

VFS Fees

Service Fee

Temporary Resident

Tourist/ Visit

CAD $ 100

CAD $ 85

INR 844

INR 2,000

Temporary Resident

Visiting Family & Friends

CAD $ 100

CAD $ 85

INR 844

INR 2,000


Canada tourist visa fees in Indian Rupees come to approximately 13,500/-. It may vary depending on the fluctuation of the Canadian dollars.

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    How to start my Canada visa application?

    Step 1: Leave your contact details above and our visa consultant will call you within 3 hours during day time. Explain our experts about the purpose of your visit & duration of the stay in Canada.

    Step 2: Pay our service fees and get started with your Canada visa application. Our experts will share the checklist of documentation and ask you a few details for filling up the form and a prompt sheet will be shared for that. Ask all your queries and make sure to share all the correct information.

    Step 3: Before we submit, our visa expert will share filled Canada visa application form with you, once it is verified from your end, we will then submit it and book an appointment with your nearby VFS Centre as per your convenience(subject to availability of slots).

    Step 4: On the day of the appointment, you will have to visit the VFS Centre, to submit the documents & biometrics.

    Step 5: As per the services obtained you will receive an email about the decision from the Canadian High Commission within a given period time.


    Can I process a Canada Work visa from India?

    Yes, you have to apply for the Canada work visa from India; however, you should check the requirements & eligibility at the Government of Canada and get the approval from Canadian Employer.

    I am planning to study in Canada, can I get the Canada Student Visa from India?

    Yes, you need to apply for the student visa from India by selecting the category of less than 6 months or more than 6 months.

    How long can Indians stay in Canada on a tourist/visit visa?

    Indians can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each arrival in Canada provided they hold a valid visa.

    Can I visit Canada multiple times on a Canadian tourist visa?

    Validity & stay period is solely Canadian High Commission discretion, however, usually, visit visa is granted for multiple entries ranging from 6 months to 10 years.

    My passport is expiring in 6 months can I apply for a Canada Visa?

    No, a minimum of 6 months’ validity of passport is required from the intended travel date to Canada for applying for a visit/tourist visa.

    Is biometric necessary for a Canada tourist/visitor visa?

    Yes, biometrics is necessary for all types of visas issued by the Canadian High Commission.

    How long does the Canadian High Commission take to conclude the application?

    Normal processing time for Canada Visit Visa is around 12 – 15 days though it may vary in case of insufficient or invalid documents.

    Can I reapply if my Canada visa is rejected?

    Yes, you can appeal for the decision made by the Canada Government, however, reconsidering the application will be solely the discretion of the High Commission.


    Points to remember while collecting passport from VFS Center

    • Once you have got the intimation from Canadian High Commission through email/text message you can collect the passport from your nearest VFS Center in the next 24 to 48 hours.
    • After collection of passport, check your passport properly also make sure to check your visa properly, cross-verify your passport number, name, date of birth, visa category & validity of the Canada visa.
    • If you find any correction in visa, report it to the VFS staff and send an email to the Canadian High Commission about the same.
    • If you find everything fine in your visa, you can then plan a trip to your dream destination, book a flight ticket with us & get offers and discounts.

    Important points while traveling to  Canada

    • Once you have received the Canada Visa, the next thing that you will do is plan a trip & book a flight ticket, make sure to check the validity of the visa before booking tickets.
    • While traveling to Canada, make sure to buy Canadian sim card & sufficient local currency Canadian dollars from us.
    • Make sure to carry foreign exchange receipts, as some might be asked by the Authorities at the Airport for verification.
    • People visiting Canada on a visit visa will require a return flight ticket, the immigration department may ask you for the same.
    • Accommodation proof might be asked by the department of immigration at Indian airport or the port of entry, make sure you have proper proof to prove.
    • Immigration department in Canada might ask you different questions related to your stay, make sure you answer it correctly, as visa allows you to travel to the Country but does not guarantee the entry, as the final decision is made by the immigration officer at the arrival airport.

    Places to visit in Canada

    Canada, the second-largest country area-wise has a lot to offer to its tourist visiting there. Waterfalls, lakes mountains, national parks, gardens,  and wonderful cities here make you feel joyful while visiting these places.

    Canada is one of the favored tourist destinations with definitely being a part of their checklist for the places to visit. Let’s explore the beauty of Canada with some wonderful places to visit while in Canada.

    Niagara Falls – The most famous tourist attraction is an amazing site built along the spellbound waterfalls to click some wonderful pictures of the cascading falls and enjoy the view, feel the mist on the face, and walk up to the edge of the falls which is just separated by an iron railing. For a brilliant view when you visit the falls at night. You can even Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens to enjoy the lush greenery. June – August is the best time to visit here.

    Banff National Park – Canada’s first national park and a stunning destination to explore rocky mountains and scenic beauty here. Turquoise color lakes, snowy peaks, glaciers, and beautiful landscapes are a sight to behold. You can take a gondola ride, hiking, or whitewater rafting to capture the beauty in your eyes and memories to last lifelong.

    Whistler – The world-class ski destination and best place to visit during winters. In this snowland, you can experience some wonderful adventure sports such as skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, snowboarding, and hiking trails. The Blackcomb mountains are famous for incredible terrain. The best time to visit is during June – August, and December – March.

    St. Johns – The city located in the far eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador is popular for its crayon color houses. It is a paradise for art lovers to explore the sloping streets, colorful buildings, and running along the hills. You can visit Signal Hill & George Street, and Cape Spear Lighthouse. The best time to visit is April – May, and September – October.