Schengen Visa For Indians

​Schengen area is made up of 26 nations in the European continent has a lot to offer to its tourist with its beautiful and breathtaking landscape, adventure, nightlife, cuisine, culture, arts, the music you name it and it has all to give to its tourist with the open arms to millions of tourists from all over the world.

While traveling to the Schengen area you do not require a separate visa for all countries with one valid Schengen Visa for Indians you can travel to 26 countries. While applying for the visa you need to plan the itinerary as based on that you will be having to apply for the visa. The country in which you plan to have a maximum stay will be the country for which you need to apply for a visa.

While applying for the visa irrespective of your entry or exit the country with the maximum stay must have the visa. Certain Schengen countries do not accept visa applications with name remark on the Passport.

When you are traveling for business purposes or to meet family & friends of a particular country in the Schengen area, then you can also visit the other Schengen area but as a tourist as long as your visa stands valid.

Documents required for Schengen Visit Visa

Original Passport

Visa Form (filled online or whichever applicable)

Appointment Letter

3 Photographs with white background and the dimension of 35mm x 45mm and 80% face to be visible.

Covering letter addressed to the appropriate embassy with complete details of employment, countries to be traveled in Schengen area with the number of days specified, and inviter’s details if any.

Bank statement of 6 months on A4 size paper in original attested by the bank

Income Tax Returns or Form 16A for 3 years

Mutual Funds or any other financial documents if required

Marriage Certificate if applicable

Travel Itinerary/Confirm Air Ticket whichever applicable

Internal Travel Tickets (if applicable)

Hotel Accommodation covering the entire stay period in Schengen areas

Travel Insurance (with a coverage of 30,000 Euros)

Pan Card copy (if applicable)

Employed Applicants

Offer/Appointment letter

NOC/Leave Letter

Salary Slips for 3 months

Company ID Card copy

Self-Employed Applicants

Cover letter on company letterhead

Company Registration Papers – ROC, GST certificate or Partnership Deed

Bank Statement of 6 months for Current account on A4 size paper attested by the bank

Income Tax Returns for the company of 3 years in case of a private limited company or partnership firm.

Sponsored Applicants

Sponsorship letter

Passport copy of the sponsor

Bank Statement attested by the bank of the sponsor for 6 months

Income Tax Returns of 3 years of the sponsor

Employment proof of the sponsor

Student Applicants

School/College ID card

Fee Receipt of the current academic year

Bonafide certificate (if applicable)

Schengen Visa Fees

Tourist / Visit Visa



Below 3 years

Consulate Charges

£ 80

£ 40


Service Charge

INR 1,250

INR 1,250

INR 1,250

VFS Charges

Differs as per the country you are applying for

Why Choose Us?

Once you are ready to take our services, a dedicated experienced visa expert will be assigned to you, who will not only help with preparing your documentation but also help you throughout your Schengen visa application and guide you on itinerary and on the country for which you need to apply for the visa.

We keep our travel consultant regularly updated about the current events and changes in policy made for the Schengen Visa Processing.

We have processed more than 1500 + Schengen visa applications out of which our success ratio is more than 97%.

Visa For Indians is an online visa company. We provide in all major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai,Pune,Goa,Delhi, Kolkata,Kochi Chennai,Trivandrum,Ahmedabad,Rajkot,Surat & almost all States in India.

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    How to start my Schengen visa application with Visa for Indians?

    Step 1: Leave your contact details and our visa consultant will call you within 3 hours during day time. Explain our experts about the purpose of your visit & duration of the stay in the Schengen.

    Step 2: Pay our service fees and get started with your Schengen visa application. Our experts will share the checklist of documentation and ask you a few details for filling up the form. Ask all your queries and make sure to share all the correct information.

    Step 3: Before we submit, our visa expert will share filled Schengen visa application form with you, once it is verified from your end, we will then submit it and book an appointment with VFS Centre as per your convenience(subject to availability of slots).

    Step 4: Certain VFS center collects the VFS fees while booking an online appointment. Hence it needs to be paid in advance and consulate charges are to be paid while you visit the center for submission of the documents.

    Step 5: On the day of the appointment, you will have to visit the VFS Centre, to submit the documents & biometrics. At the center, you are required to pay the consulate charges and VFS charges (if not paid online) through cash/debit/credit card.

    Step 6: As per the services obtained you will receive an email about the decision from Schengen country for whichever you have applied for the visa within a given period time.


    How long can Indians stay in the Schengen on a tourist/visit visa?

    Stay in the Schengen area will be mentioned on the visa.

    Can I visit the Schengen countries multiple times on a Schengen tourist visa?

    Validity & stay period is solely the consulate discretion for whichever country you have applied for the visa.

    My passport is expiring in 6 months can I apply for a Schengen Visa?

    Yes, unless your passport has 3 months from your intended date of return from the Schengen countries.

    Is biometric necessary for a Schengen tourist/visitor visa?

    Yes, biometrics is necessary for all types of visas.

    What is the processing time of the Schengen Visa application?

    It depends on the country for which you have applied for the visa. The normal processing time for the Schengen Visa is 10 -12 days however, it may vary as per the country and the application submitted.

    How long is the biometrics valid once submitted for Schengen Visa?

    Biometrics are valid for 59 months once submitted. However, if the visa gets rejected you need to submit the biometrics again when you reapply.

    Can I reapply if my Schengen visa is rejected?

    Yes, you can appeal for the decision made by the consulate, however, reconsidering will be solely at the discretion of the particular consulate.

    Can I get a refund, in case my visa is rejected?

    All charges related to Consulate & VFS fees & service charges are nonrefundable.


    Points to remember while collecting passport from VFS Center

    • Once you have got the intimation from the consulate of the country you have applied for the visa through email, you can collect the passport from your nearest VFS Center in the next 24 to 48 hours.
    • After collection of passport, check your passport properly also make sure to check your visa properly, cross-verify your passport number, name, date of birth, visa category & validity of the Schengen visa.
    • If you find any correction in visa, report it to the VFS staff, and send an email to the consulate of the country you have applied for the visa about the same.
    • If you find everything fine in your visa, you can then plan a trip to your dream destination, book a flight ticket with us & get offers and discounts.

    Important points while traveling to the Schengen

    • Once you have received the Schengen Visa, the next thing that you will do is plan a trip & book a flight ticket, make sure to check the validity of the visa before booking tickets.
    • While traveling to the Schengen, make sure to buy a Schengen sim card & sufficient local currency from us.
    • Make sure to carry foreign exchange receipts, as some might be asked by the Authorities at the Airport for verification.
    • People visiting the Schengen on a visit visa will require a confirmed flight ticket, the immigration department may ask you for the same.
    • Accommodation proof might be asked by the department of immigration at Indian airport or the port of entry, make sure you have proper proof to prove.
    • Immigration department in the Schengen might ask you different questions related to your stay, make sure you answer it correctly, as visa allows you to travel to the Country but does not guarantee the entry, as the final decision is made by the immigration officer at the arrival airport.

    Places to visit in Schengen

    Schengen Countries are the heaven on the earth with its amazing beauty with some chilling and thrilling experience. It is impossible to cover the best of Schengen areas in one trip how much ever you try you are bound to lose on visiting some places. Here is a list of top 5 countries to be visited while in the Schengen area.

    France – France has everything to offer for all types of travelers whether you are being on a family vacation or a honeymoon or out with friends to make the most of the memories. Beautiful architecture, French Alps, French Cuisine, Romanesque churches, and lots of shopping in Paris is like a complete package to be visited.

    Italy –  Venice, Rome, Florence the cities here attract the tourists in huge numbers. visiting colosseum, renaissance art, canals in Venice, volcanic beauty of Sicily, and the haunting Amalfi coast are some of the places to be visited while in Italy.

    Switzerland –  The ultimate romantic destination or can be said as a dream destination for the honeymooners. Our Bollywood movies have always shown us the beauty of this country and Switzerland is always a place to visit once in a lifetime by the Indians. The Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch, Lucerne, Interlaken, Zurich, Rhine Falls, Swiss Parks, Bernina Railway line, and Swiss Grand Canyon the list is never-ending. Just visit it and have a wonderful time.

    Greece – Visiting Greece is a very different experience compared to the other countries in Europe. It is home to classical civilization with ancient sites, Acropolis above Athens, Oracle at Delphi, islands, Olympus National Park, Mount Olympus, and white-washed houses at Santorini are all amazing and wonderful places to visit here.

    Spain – The second most visited country in Europe is a very diverse, passionate, and sophisticated country. Beautiful beaches, soul-stirring landscapes, wonderful cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, and Saint Sebastian are to be definitely visited. Resort Island of Ibiza is the best vacation spot for couples.